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The role of ecosystem services in sustainable food systems

This book, by Leonard Rusinamhodzi, describes the concept of ecosystems services, shows how to identify and quantify ecosystems services in the context of sustainable food systems, and examines the challenges of maintaining ecosystems services in the face of climate change.

Publisher’s summary

The Role of Ecosystem Services in Sustainable Food Systems reveals, in simple terms, the operational definition, concepts and applications of ecosystem services with a focus on sustainable food systems.

The book presents case studies with a focus on both geographical and production system-wide considerations. Initial chapters discuss the concepts as well as methodology and tools needed to understand ecosystem services in the broader food system. The middle chapters present different perspectives from case studies of ecosystem services derived from some of the key sustainable food production systems used by farmers, and the book concludes with some discussions on the challenges of deriving full benefits and how these can be overcome.

Researchers, students, scientists, development practitioners and policy makers will welcome this reference as they continue their work related to sustainable food systems.

This book:

  • Introduces the concept of ecosystem services in simple terms to cater for the wide readership
  • Provides an explanation of what sustainable food systems are
  • Contains the tools to identify and quantify ecosystem services in sustainable food systems
  • Identifies ecosystem services in specific systems utilized for sustainable food systems
  • Categorizes the challenges of deriving maximum benefits of ecosystem services vis-à-vis climate change



Rusinamhodzi, L., 2019. The Role of Ecosystem Services in Sustainable Food Systems, 1st Edition. Academic Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

For more details, see here. See also the Foodsource resource Why are the environmental impacts of the food system a concern?

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