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Rethinking the global supply chain - special issue of Science

Science's special issue on rethinking the global supply chain examines how traceability, measurement, and standardization might tame the unwieldy web that is our global supply chains.

The introduction to the special issue states that:

“This sprawling web of supply chains can raise living standards, improve conditions for workers, and help alleviate poverty. But feeding its unquenchable thirst for energy, water, and other resources puts a strain on the planet. Finding ways to relieve that strain is an enormous challenge and will undoubtedly require greater traceability and transparency.”

See an overview of the series and its contents here and read the full introduction to the series here.


Wible, B., Mervis, J., Wigginton N. S., Rethinking the global supply chain, Science 6 ,  Vol. 344 no. 6188 pp. 1100-1103 DOI: 10.1126/science.344.6188.1100

You can also read more about supply chain sustainability on our website here.

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