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Recording: A dialogue on Regenerative Agriculture

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On 11 May 2021, TABLE and LEAP facilitated a dialogue between Ken Giller (Wageningen University) and Yichao Rui (Rodale Institute) on the topic of Regenerative Agriculture. We asked: why is it taking the world by storm and what are the broader implications for farmers and food systems?

A dialogue on Regenerative Agriculture: Why is it taking the world by storm?

TABLE and LEAP present a dialogue on Regenerative Agriculture (RA) between Ken Giller (Wageningen UR) and Yichao Rui (Rodale Institute) moderated by Tara Garnett (TABLE).

We discussed the following topics:

  • How is RA different from agroecology, organic, sustainable agriculture?
  • What is meant by soil biological health? Is it important?
  • How does RA tie in with debates about land-sparing and land-sharing?


We received more than 70 questions from the audience. The panellists generously agreed to write answers to some of these questions which we've posted here.


Some additional resources on Regenerative Agriculture:

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