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Recording: TABLE and SLU Food & Cities present Ask the Author: Rethinking urban living labs

Can urban food systems be made more inclusive?

On 26 April 2022, TABLE and Food & Cities network at SLU jointly organised an Ask the Author session to discuss A tale of two labs: Rethinking urban living labs for advancing citizen engagement in food system transformation with co-authors Anke Brons and Koen van der Gaast.

This Ask the Author session aims to provide a space for a discussion on the emergence of transformative practices in cities in relation to urban food systems, looking at the diversity of actors involved and how their different visions, goals and solutions shape narratives of change. We will discuss what inclusivity means in the context of urban food systems change and the role of citizen engagement in different types of urban living labs. As is customary to our sessions, we invite a small group who approach this topic from different backgrounds and areas of expertise to join the panel.

Please feel free to watch the recording below and to continue the conversation on our community platform.


'Ask the Author' is a seminar format containing an author-led discussion and reflection on a recent publication related to food systems sustainability. 

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