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Quantification of sustainability indicators in the food sector

This book, edited by Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu, examines the development and implementation of a variety of indicators of sustainability for the food system.

Publisher’s description

This book highlights various methods of quantifying sustainability indicators in the food sector, highlighting the environmental indicators in the meat chain and agri-food wastes from a bio-refinery perspective. Numerous sustainability indicators that encompass all three pillars – economic, environmental and social areas – as well as individual and joint indicators (e.g. environmental and social) have been developed and quantified to date. Some of these indicators can be utilised for any industrial sector, while others are sector-specific. Behind each indicator developed, there is a unique scientific model, method or assessment technique. This book enumerates these indicators, providing details such as the concept, development methodology, assessment technique, and applications, mainly in the food industry.



Muthu, S. S. (ed.), 2019. Quantification of sustainability indicators in the food sector. Springer, Basel.

Read more here. See also the Foodsource resource The value and limitations of lifecycle assessment. You may also be interested in the FCRN’s project Plating up Progress?, which aims to define usable metrics for assessing food industry progress in delivering sustainable and healthy diets.

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