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Publication: 'Achieving a Healthy Sustainable Diet: An Integrated Approach’ – a series of papers published in the Nutrition Bulletin

The December edition of the journal Nutrition Bulletin, published by the British Nutrition Foundation, examines the complex nutrition and health factors associated with the challenge of achieving a sustainable and secure food supply.

The issue, entitled ‘Achieving a Healthy Sustainable Diet: an Integrated Approach’ contains a series of papers presenting evidence and arguments from all sides of the sustainability debate. Its topics range from food production and supply, to consumption patterns and public health implications.

Following a foreword by Professor Sir John Beddington, the Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Government, the papers address the following topics:

  • Global food supply: a challenge for sustainable agriculture
  • Sustainable consumption - UK Government activity
  • A UK public health perspective: what is a healthy sustainable diet?
  • Challenges and opportunities for sustainable livestock production in the UK
  • Increasing fish consumption for better health - are we being advised to eat more of an inherently unsustainable protein?
  • Securing a sustainable British horticulture industry
  • Does consuming seasonal foods benefit the environment? Insights from recent research
  • Making sustainable choices easier
  • Food and drink waste from households in the UK
  • The food industry perspective: a collection of case studies

The Journal can be accessed here (with subscriptions only).

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