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New report from Malabo Montpellier Panel’s on policies and practices to reduce malnutrition levels and promote healthier and more diverse diets in Africa

The Malabo Montpellier Panel’s new report, Nourished: How Africa Can Build a Future Free from Hunger and Malnutrition, takes a systematic country study approach to identify where progress has been achieved to substantially improve a country’s nutritional status.

The report analyses which policy decisions were taken to substantially reduce malnutrition levels and to promote healthier and more diverse diets, and draws lessons for other countries to replicate such successes. A set of policies and practices are identified that, if scaled up, could have significant impacts on nutrition, child survival, and development in Africa.

The report aims to provide a roadmap for African governments to take concerted action to deliver on the nutrition targets set out by the Malabo Declaration and the Sustainable Development Goals.

It is available for download here.

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