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New Global Food and Agriculture Business Principles Unveiled

The UN Global Compact has introduced the Food and Agriculture Business (FAB) Principles in Rome. As the first set of global voluntary business principles for the whole food and agriculture sector, the FAB Principles aims to help realize the goal of sustainable development as described in the Rio+20 outcome document (The Future We Want), and to empower businesses to make a positive contribution to the post-2015 development agenda.

The six principles are designed to complement many existing initiatives that advance sustainability in food and agriculture, and serve as an umbrella over voluntary standards and technical compliance platforms. They provide agreed global language on what constitutes sustainability in food and agriculture on critical issues ranging from food security, health and nutrition, to human rights, good governance, and environmental stewardship, as well as ensuring economic viability across the entire value chain.

Read more here and see the six principles here.

We have gathered more information on industry actions in our Research library here.

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