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Nanoscience for sustainable agriculture

This book, edited by Ramesh Namedo Pudake, Nidhi Chauhan, and Chittaranjan Kole, highlights ways in which nanomaterials can be used in agriculture. The book covers both social and environmental aspects.

Publisher’s summary

This book discusses the ability of nanomaterials to protect crop-plant and animal health, increase production, and enhance the quality of food and other agricultural products. It explores the use of targeted delivery and slow- release agrochemicals to reduce the damage to non-target organisms and the quantity released into the soil and water, as well as nanotechnology-derived tools in the field of plant and animal genetic improvement. It also addresses future applications of nanotechnology in sustainable agriculture and the legislative regulation and safety evaluation of nanomaterials. The book highlights the recent advances made in nanotechnology and its contribution towards an eco-friendly approach in agriculture.



Pudake, R. N., Chauhan, N. and Kole, C., 2019. Nanoscience for Sustainable Agriculture. Springer International Publishing, Cham.

For more details, see here. See also the Foodsource resource What is sustainable intensification? and the paper Nanotechnology applications in agriculture by FCRN member Waleed Fouad Abobatta.

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