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Long-term farming systems research

This book discusses long-term experiments in agriculture, including their history, the insights they have produced, and the relationship of the experiments to agriculture’s environmental and social implications.

Publisher’s summary

Long-Term Farming Systems Research: Ensuring Food Security in Changing Scenarios presents the legacy and heritage of Long-Term Experiments (LTEs) in Agriculture while also addressing the challenges and potential solutions. The book discusses how LTEs form an important asset in understanding agriculture’s significant influence on life on earth. As global governments and development agencies try to achieve the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, this book’s content (which provides insight into the interactions of agricultural production with ecological, economic and societal aspects) is of unprecedented importance.

In this regard, this book offers a thorough resource of information based on experiences from various ongoing LTEs in different parts of the world. The contextual variety and geographic diversity presented in this book makes it useful for agricultural and environmental scientists, as well as students and educators in such fields.



Bhullar, G. and Riar, A. (2020). Long-Term Farming Systems Research: Ensuring Food Security in Changing Scenarios. Academic Press, Cambridge.

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