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Hunger: The oldest problem

This book explores why hunger is still a problem in the modern world, including case studies from Niger, Northern India, Argentina and Chicago.

Publisher’s summary

Every year, nine million people die of starvation. In Hunger, award-winning author Martín Caparrós goes in search of why, in the 21st century, most of the world's inhabitants still go hungry daily. In search of the mechanisms that cause this mass starvation and the battles against it, he travels to places where food is scarce - Niger and Northern India, as well as to the cattle grounds of Argentina, the world's biggest beef exporter, and on to the Chicago Food Bank to learn more about the power of food distributors. Filled with bone-chilling anecdotes and testimonies, Caparros dissipates the emotional distance we put between us and the victims of hunger. His book is both a masterpiece of literary reportage and an eye-opening expose for the whole world to read.



Caparrós, M. (2020). Hunger: The oldest problem. Melville House Books, Brooklyn.

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