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A guide to securing future food supplies

IGD has released this guide to help buyers and planners to prepare for scenarios of uncertain future food supplies. It tries to provide companies with help to identify risks, anticipate and prepare for possible disruptions to their supply routes and maintain deliveries to consumers. It includes information on 19 food security issues explained from a company viewpoint and recommendations on how to manage risk and keep down costs. The chapters focus on issues such as global consumption, food waste, food affordability, climate change, land use and soil degradation.

Each of the 19 sections provides:

  • An outline of a food security issue
  • A view on the risks faced by companies
  • A brief history of development to date (October 2013)
  • Recommendations for companies on how to manage the risks
  • Suggestions on what companies can do to act responsibly
  • Sources for further reading

The guide can be found on the IGD website here.

You can also find more resources related to food security and different industry actions initiatives in our Research library.

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