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The Future of Nutrition

The cover of The Future of Nutrition by T. Colin Campbell depicting botanical drawings of mushrooms, tubers and a radish

The Future of Nutrition analyses the history of our relationship to food and explores how the contemporary reductionist paradigm of nutrition and health science is limiting our ability to respond to public health crises. Campbell offers an alternative model based on a holistic understanding of health and nutrition, that he argues can improve public nutrition literacy and treat personal illness more effectively and economically

Publisher’s Summary


Despite extensive research and overwhelming public information on nutrition and health science, we are more confused than ever—about the foods we eat, what good nutrition looks like, and what it can do for our health.

In The Future of Nutrition, T. Colin Campbell cuts through the noise with an in-depth analysis of our historical relationship to the food we eat, the source of our present information overload, and what our current path means for the future—both for individual health and society as a whole.

In these pages, Campbell takes on the institution of nutrition itself, unpacking:

  • Why the institutional emphasis on individual nutrients (instead of whole foods) as a means to explain nutrition has had catastrophic consequences
  • How our reverence for “high quality” animal protein has distorted our understanding of cholesterol, saturated fat, unsaturated fat, environmental carcinogens, and more
  • Why mainstream food and nutrient recommendations and public policy favour corporate interests over that of personal and planetary health
  • How we can ensure that public nutrition literacy can prevent and treat personal illness more effectively and economically

The Future of Nutrition offers a fascinating deep-dive behind the curtain of the field of nutrition—with implications both for our health and for the practice of science itself

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