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Food waste reports by FAO

The following two reports deal with food waste costs and mitigation. The first report focuses on costs and introduces a methodology that allows for full-cost accounting (FCA) of the food waste footprint, including costs associated with the environmental impacts of food waste. The FCA framework incorporates market based evaluations of the direct financial costs, non-market valuation of lost ecosystem goods and services and well-being valuation to assess the social costs associated with natural resource degradation.

The second report on food waste mitigation presents a portfolio of potential food waste mitigation measures, illustrating the economic, environmental and societal benefits.  It is argued that adopting appropriate food waste mitigation measures offers huge environmental benefits, leading to associated net gains for societies in terms of reduced economic losses and external costs. The report describes how the performance of measures aiming at avoiding food wastage tends to be higher than for reusing, recycling of food products and certainly higher than landfilling.

Read the reports here and here.

Read more about the food waste project of FAO here.

You can also find further food waste resources on our website.

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