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The food-energy-water nexus

This textbook uses case studies and models to present an interdisciplinary perspective on the interactions between food, energy and water.

Publisher’s summary

This will be the first textbook on the integration of food, energy and water systems (FEWS). In recent years, the world has seen a dramatic rise in interdisciplinary energy and environmental courses and degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In the US for instance, the number and variety of such programs has increased significantly over the past decade. Simultaneously, national and international initiatives that integrate food, energy and water systems have been launched.

This textbook provides a substantive introduction to the food-energy-water nexus suitable for use in higher level undergraduate and graduate level courses and for scholars moving into the field of nexus studies without a strong background in all three areas and the many aspects of nexus studies.



Saundry, P. and Ruddell, B. (eds.) (2020). The Food-Energy-Water Nexus, AESS Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies and Sciences Series. Springer International Publishing, Cham.

Read more here. See also the Foodsource resource How do food systems affect water use?

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