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Enough: How your food choices will save the planet

Enough: How your food choices will save the planet - book cover

This book, based on the Planetary Health Diet produced by the EAT-Lancet Commission, discusses how dietary patterns influence health and the environment and make recommendations for which food groups to favour and which to avoid.

Publisher’s summary

How changing what you eat can save the planet.

Our food production systems are the single biggest cause of environmental change, while diseases linked to our eating habits are at epidemic levels and increasing. Enough. uses the latest scientific research to address this vital question: can we provide a growing population with a healthy diet from sustainable food systems?

Fortunately for us all, the answer is yes.

Enough. shows exactly how we can tackle both of these urgent, interconnected challenges at the same time.

Using a seminal piece of research published in 2019, the Planetary HealthDiet (PHD), Dr Coburn reveals the hidden consequences of our food choices, and how we can easily make changes which are better for ourselves and the planet. She details which food groups we should be eating, which we should avoid – and why.

Changing our way of eating is something that every one of us has the power to do. Enough. is a clear, ultimately hopeful and hugely important roadmap for both own health – and the planet’s.



Coburn, C. (2021). Enough: How your food choices will save the planet. 


Read more here. See also the Table explainer What is a healthy sustainable eating pattern?

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