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Critical Perspectives on Food Sovereignty

Critical Perspectives on Food Sovereignty

This book examines the history of the food sovereignty movement, its links to agroecology and peasant agriculture, and its application in a range of contexts including aquaculture in Bangladesh, the First Nations in Canada, open source seeds, and the politics of food sovereignty in Latin America. Originally published in 2015, the book is available in paperback format as of 2021.

Publisher’s summary

This volume is a pioneering contribution to the study of food politics and critical agrarian studies, where food sovereignty has emerged as a pivotal concept over the past few decades, with a wide variety of social movements, on-the-ground experiments, and policy innovations flying under its broad banner. Despite its large and growing popularity, the history, theoretical foundations, and political programme of food sovereignty have only occasionally received in-depth analysis and critical scrutiny. This collection brings together both longstanding scholars in critical agrarian studies, such as Philip McMichael, Bina Agarwal, Henry Bernstein, Jan Douwe van der Ploeg, and Marc Edelman, as well as a dynamic roster of early- and mid-career researchers. The ultimate aim is to advance this important frontier of research and organising, and put food sovereignty on stronger footing as a mobilising frame, a policy objective, and a plan of action for the human future.

This volume was published as part one of the special double issue celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Journal of Peasant Studies.



Edelman, M. (ed.) (2021). Critical Perspectives on Food Sovereignty: Global Agrarian Transformations, Volume 2.


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