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Climate Change Laws

GLOBE International, a group of international legislators, has released the GLOBE Climate Legislation Study, a review of climate change legislation in 33 countries.
The aims of the study are twofold: first, to support legislators advancing climate-related legislation by providing a detailed summary of existing legislation across the major economies that would enable them to identify gaps and best practices, and help peer-to-peer learning; and second, to document and highlight the broad progress on climate change legislation at the domestic level in both industrialized and developing countries to provide positive momentum to the international negotiations.
Results of the study show the following:

  • 32 of 33 major economies have progressed or are progressing significant climate and/or energy-related legislation.
  • Much of the substantive progress on legislative activity on climate change in 2012 took place in emerging economies, including China, which will provide the motor of global economic growth in coming decades.
  • This progress will deliver real benefits to national economies and, ultimately, give world leaders the political space to go further and faster in the UN negotiations, helping provide a foundation for a comprehensive, global deal by 2015.

To access the study, click here.
For an article on the study, click here.

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