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Book: Nitrogen & Climate Change - An Explosive Story


It is the perfect storm. Limited food, water and energy unequally spread between an expanding population, and a warming climate as the bitter icing on the cake. In all these global challenges nitrogen has a leading role to play.

In Nitrogen and Climate Change, Dave Reay looks at just how hard-wired into all of human civilisation nitrogen is, and whether the future will see it as our quiet saviour or the toxic villain of the piece. Its story is of the peculiar and the mundane, of water turning red and people turning blue. It is one of climate friend and pollution foe, of meaty feasts and looming famine. If your main thought of nitrogen is as a boring corner of the periodic table, then it is time to look again.


Reay,D., Nitrogen & Climate Change - An Explosive Story (2015), Palgrave Macmillan, ISBN 9781137286956

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