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Book: Feeding India - Livelihoods, Entitlements and Capabilities

This book focuses on the food security in India, arguing that the challenges India faces have particular significance worldwide. It says that India’s chronic food security problem is a function of a distinctive interaction of economic, political and environmental processes. It says that a well-rounded appreciation of the problem is required, informed by the FAO’s conception of food security as encompassing availability (production), access (distribution) and utilisation (nutritional content), as well as by Amartya Sen’s notions of entitlements and capabilities.

Citation as follows

Pritchard, B., Rammohan, A., Sekher, M., Parasuraman, S. and Choithani, C. (2013) Feeding India: Livelihoods, Entitlements and Capabilities. Routledge, London and New York.

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