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Bioregion Food System Design Project Canada

A new study submitted to us by an FCRN member, highlights a final report from a four year, multi-disciplinary research project conducted by the Institute for Sustainable Food Systems at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (located in Richmond, BC, Canada).

The study provides regionally specific, data-driven information about:

  • The potential to increase Southwest BC food production and processing for local markets.
  • Whether and to what extent increasing local food production could improve food self-reliance, benefit the provincial economy, and create jobs.
  • The potential to reduce some detrimental environmental impacts from food production in Southwest BC.
  • The project modeled a number of future food system scenarios that represent possible outcomes of choices we face. When compared to our current situation, these outcomes can be used to help identify and understand the impacts of decisions we might make, the options and outcomes that we could seek to achieve.

Submitted by FCRN member Caitlin Dorward, Institute for Sustainable Food Systems, Kwantlen Polytechnic University Canada. 

You will find the final report here.

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