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AgroEcological Transitions: Changes and Breakthroughs in the Making

Photo: Yutaka Seki, Mercado, Flickr, Creative commons licence 2.0
Photo: Yutaka Seki, Mercado, Flickr, Creative commons licence 2.0

This book is based on the papers that were presented and discussed at a workshop with the group “System Innovation towards Sustainable Agriculture” (SISA), an initiative by researchers from ‘Wageningen University & Research’ in the Netherlands (WUR) and the ‘Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique’ in France (INRA). 

The invited participants came from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds, including innovation studies, economics, science & technology studies (including constructive and interactive technology assessment studies), policy studies (including studies of network governance, learning and the impact of regulation), organisation studies (including studies focusing on management of structural change and leadership) and practice based studies.

The book contains three main sections:

Part A: Learning in niches

Part B: Niche-regime interactions

Part C: Regime transformations

Read the full book (and see all contributing authors) here.

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