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Presenting "A CRISPr Bite: Wine"

Episode summary

Is CRISPR the solution to controlling the pest plaguing California’s wine industry? In this episode of A CRISPR Bite, we take you to a lab where researchers are using CRISPR technology to genetically modify a frightening insect called the Glassy-winged sharpshooter responsible for spreading a bacteria and killing vines.

CRISPR bites is five-part podcast series hosted by food anthropologist Dr Lauren Crossland-Marr. We're excited to share one episode from the series with you today.

[ Transcript available ]

A CRISPr Bite summary 
CRISPR gene-editing technology came out as a massive biotech breakthrough in the last decade, but most people have still never heard of it. In a new five-part podcast series, called A CRISPR Bite, food anthropologist Dr. Lauren Crossland-Marr takes listeners into the labs where researchers are tinkering with food genes, to help break down the problems they’re hoping to solve – and what’s at stake.

About Lauren Crossland-Marr

Lauren Crossland-Marr is a cultural anthropologist, who currently teaches at the University of Delaware. Her research centers on foodways, agriculture, and technology. She was previously a Postdoctoral Researcher with GEAP-3, a network of social scientists exploring the application of CRISPR technology to agriculture and foodways. As part of the project, she wrote, hosted, and produced a podcast called A CRISPR Bite alongside podcast executive producer Corinne Ruff. She currently lives in California with her husband, daughter, and Great Pyrenees, Kiss Kiss. When she is not researching, writing, and teaching, she spends her time quilting. 


Relevant articles and resources
Listen to A CRISPR Bite, check out show notes, transcripts and more information on the podcast's website here. 
Find out more how the podcast intersects with the work at GEAP3 Network here.


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