Alternative meat

A utopian evolution or science fiction dystopia?

Lab scientist


Lab-grown meat, insects. New and novel foods are produced in indoor settings to free land from agriculture while providing protein and nutrition. “Meat” produced in these labs gradually replaces the meat that is sold at markets, grocery stores and restaurants



This scenario envisions a dwindling role for the mainstream global livestock industry, replacing it instead with a sector producing ‘meat’-alternatives (plant-based meat substitutes, cultured meat from animal cells, etc.). It believes people will only eat less meat if there are foods available with a comparable taste and texture at an affordable price. It sees food being produced by lab technicians, with the old work of farming and ranching evolving into new roles in rewilding and biodiversity conservation, now that agricultural land has been released for nature. Technology will play a critical role in solving our interlinked crises of climate change, food insecurity and biodiversity loss.