Contribute to the podcast


If you’re interested in lending your voice and views to the podcast, you’ve come to the right place! We’re seeking responses, in audio form, from our listeners.

All you need is a phone and an email address!

    Send your recording to us at and we may include your voice in a future episode.

    Some sample questions you could answer in your recording:

    • What do you have strong reactions to when listening to this series - either in agreement, or disagreement?
    • What did you think was missing and why is that important to you?
    • What future did you come into the series rooting for? Has that changed as you’ve listened to more episodes?
    • If you were designing a future of your own, which elements from the four futures would you include? Are there elements from outside the four futures that you’d need to bring in to complete your vision?

    A few recording tips:

    • Make sure you’re in a quiet room and turn off televisions, music, or device notifications that might make noise in the background.
    • Try not to touch the microphone on your phone or move around too much; it might be best to put the phone on a flat surface in front of you while you’re recording
    • After you press ‘record’ in the app, wait 2-3 seconds before you start speaking and after you finish recording, wait 2-3 seconds before you hit the stop recording button; this ensures that your words don’t get cut off on either end of your recording
    • Try to be succinct in your recording; what’s the most important thing you want us to know? 

    If you prefer, or if it is more accessible to you, you may send us your written thoughts and include permission for us to read it out in the episode.


    We also welcome you to join the online discussion. If there’s another way you’d like to contribute that you don’t see on this page, send us an e-mail to We also accept feedback to that inbox.


    Thanks so much for engaging with the Meat: The Four Futures podcast and we hope to hear from you soon!