Ep8. Looking back, looking forward

What we learned through exploring different meat futures

Episode summary

Over the last few months, we explored what the future of meat and livestock could look like. We’ve talked about how our values, ethics and where we live in the world can impact our desired futures for meat. And we did a deep dive into four potential futures - efficient meat, alternative “meat”, less meat and no meat.


To wrap up the series, we hear comments and thoughts from the listeners, and podcast host Matthew Kessler shares some personal reflections on what he learned about the future of meat and livestock after making this series.



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Part 1 - The listeners talk     (13 minutes)


What do the listeners have to say about the future of meat and livestock and how have some of you shifted your views from the beginning?

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Part 2 - Forest, trees, identity (16 minutes)


"You cannot see the forest for the trees." Host Matthew Kessler shares what he has learned from the series, and why both the forest, the big picture, and the trees, the details, both matter.