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Transcript - Episode 24

Page - Published: 27 Apr 2022
… consumption and the question of limits.” – TABLE director Tara Garnett will moderate a panel with representatives from …

Transcript - Episode 21

Page - Published: 02 Mar 2022
… efficiency? And is it sustainable?” This report written by Tara Garnett, Elin Roos and David Little unpacks the various …

Future of meat

Page - Published: 20 Jan 2022
… and tradeoffs   The four futures are adapted from Tara Garnett's Gut feelings and possible tomorrows article.   …

Transcript - Episode 15

Page - Published: 28 Sep 2021
… were also featured in this episode, in order of appearance: Tara Garnett, Sahil Shah, Elena Lazos Chavero, Lauren Baker, Ken … TABLE research directors - Elin Röös, Jeroen Candel, and Tara Garnett…

Events hosted by TABLE

Page - Published: 31 May 2021
… address livestock-related concerns. The event featured Dr Tara Garnett (director of TABLE and fellow of the Oxford Martin … UR) and Yichao Rui (Rodale Institute) moderated by Tara Garnett (TABLE).…