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What is ecomodernism? Perspectives from ecomodernism and degrowth on limits to growth, lifestyles and media narratives

Events - Published: 25 May 2022
… Linus Blomqvist and Sam Bliss, chaired by TABLE director Tara Garnett, in which we will hear both ecomodernist and …
A flyer advertising an upcoming event titled "Decoupling desire? Food, advertising, consumption and the question of limits" on May 6, 2022, at 2pm BST. The image next to the text is of a shopping cart tipping over a cliff, spilling consumer goods like shoes, a phone, a piece of pizza, a tea pot, a fan and a toy plane into an abyss. The TABLE logo is in the top right.

Decoupling desire? Food, advertising, consumption and the question of limits

Events - Published: 25 Apr 2022
… on 7 billion plates by 2025". This event was chaired by Tara Garnett , director of TABLE and a researcher at the …
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TABLE webinar: How to squeeze fat into a sustainable food future

Events - Published: 23 Mar 2022
…   Agenda 0:00-0:05    Welcome and introductions - Tara Garnett            0:05-0:15    The role of fat in …
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Habitat-Fed Beef: Separating Facts From Fiction on Grass-Fed and ‘Regenerative’ Beef

Events - Published: 11 Mar 2022
… solutions to the environmental problems of beef.  Speakers: Tara Garnett  is the author of the 2017 report Grazed and …
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Panel Discussion: "Fleshing out a future COP"

Events - Published: 07 Feb 2022
… sovereignty in discussions about livestock? Please join Dr Tara Garnett (director of TABLE and fellow of the Oxford Martin …