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Image: Skitterphoto, London Piccadilly Circus, Pixabay, Pixabay Licence

Decoupling Desire: How can the advertising sector promote better, or less, consumption?

Blog post - Published: 23 May 2022
… annual carbon footprint of every Briton.  Chaired by Dr. Tara Garnett (Director at TABLE and Researcher at University of … discusses difficulties around changing consumer behaviour   Tara raised…
Tara Ken Yichao

Answering audience questions from a "A dialogue on Regenerative Agriculture"

Blog post - Published: 04 Jun 2021
… Regenerative Agriculture" Author(s) Ken Giller Yichao Rui Tara Garnett On 11 May 2021, TABLE and LEAP facilitated a …

Reflecting on livestock controversies: perspectives from civil society and researchers

Blog post - Published: 22 Sep 2020
… debates. The forthcoming Table initiative – read more in Tara Garnett’s blog post RIP the FCRN – and long live Table – …
Round table

TABLE: RIP the FCRN - and long live Table

Blog post - Published: 29 Jun 2020
… TABLE: RIP the FCRN - and long live Table Author(s) Tara Garnett In this blog post Tara Garnett, the FCRN’s director, introduces Table, a new …

Soy in the UK: What are its uses?

Blog post - Published: 20 Feb 2020
… and John Lynch for their comments on this piece, and to Tara Garnett for her suggestions and edits. References 1. EFECA. …