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Photo of a group of pigs. Image by Mark Stebnicki via Pexels

The Dublin Declaration: industry figures behind ‘declaration of scientists’ used to lobby EU against reduced meat

Research Library - Published: 14 Nov 2023
… harms of the livestock sector.    TABLE Director Tara Garnett was one of 16 co-authors of a  letter published in … A response to the letter also published in Nature Food by Tara Garnett, amongst…
our world in data

Environmental impacts of dairy and plant-based milks

Research Library - Published: 26 Jan 2022
… sustainable diets (PDF link), co-authored by TABLE director Tara Garnett.   Visit the original entry here Post a new comment …
Food Research Collaboration

Blog: False Economies of Scale - why big isn’t always better

Research Library - Published: 08 Jul 2021
… energy is expended on refrigerating food. (See also Tara Garnett’s 2007 papers Food refrigeration: What is the …
Great Green Questions

Podcast: Is being vegan the only way to save the planet?

Research Library - Published: 12 May 2021
… This content was originally published by the TABLE’s Tara Garnett has been interviewed on an episode of the podcast …
Climate Proof-Food Podcast

Podcast: Luke Spajic interviews Dr Tara Garnett

Research Library - Published: 18 Mar 2021
… Podcast: Luke Spajic interviews Dr Tara Garnett This content was originally published by the In this … system research student Luke Spajic interviews Table’s Dr Tara Garnett on the history of…