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Jason Clay

Jason Clay on "Building and flying the plane as we go"

Podcast episode - Published: 10 Jan 2023
… a short cultural history of protein (Tamsin Blaxter and Tara Garnet, 2022) TABLE explainer: What is feed-food competition? (Helen Breewood and Tara Garnett, 2020) TABLE explainer:  What is the land…

What is rewilding? (with Walter Fraanje)

Podcast episode - Published: 15 Sep 2022
… and its implications for agriculture" co-authored with Tara Garnett. The explainer introduces the concept of rewilding, …
Helen Breewood

What is ecomodernism? (with Helen Breewood)

Podcast episode - Published: 08 Jun 2022
… new publication, "What is ecomodernism?", co-authored with Tara Garnett. The explainer describes the values, goals, and … TABLE Explainer: What is ecomodernism? (Breewood and Garnett,…

Job: Programme Manager, TABLE, UK

Opportunities - Published: 20 Jul 2021
… of the platform, working closely with the TABLE Director Tara Garnett. This includes supporting the team across all three … and apply here For questions about the role, please contact Tara . Job…

Introducing Feed and our first theme: Scale in the food system

Podcast episode - Published: 29 Mar 2021
… Brock tell you what you can expect when you tune in, and Tara Garnett introduces our focus for the first series of … Theme music: Insatiable Toad by Blue Dot Sessions   About Tara Garnett Tara has…