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WFranz, Plow Tractor Arable Land, Pixabay, Pixabay Licence

What is ecomodernism?

Building blocks - Published: 09 Jun 2022
… . Acknowledgements Suggested citation: Breewood, H., & Garnett, T. (2022). What is ecomodernism? TABLE Explainer … Written by: Helen Breewood, TABLE, University of Oxford Tara Garnett, TABLE…

What scale for the food system? Moving beyond polarised debates

FCRN Publications - Published: 30 Sep 2021
… published by the   minute(s) read Author(s): Rachel Carlile Tara Garnett Published: This report shares our reflections on … global interactions.   Suggested citation: Carlile, R., & Garnett, T…
A herd of cows grazes in a green valley surrounded by mountains. Photo by Juan Pablo Guzmán via Pexels.

We need a common language if anyone is to have a constructive debate

Blog post - Published: 26 Jul 2023
… to have a constructive debate   minute(s) read Author(s): Tara Garnett Published: On 11 July, the Leverhulme Centre for … at the University of Oxford. TABLE's director Dr Tara Garnett was…
Tara Ken Yichao

Answering audience questions from a "A dialogue on Regenerative Agriculture"

Blog post - Published: 04 Jun 2021
…   minute(s) read Author(s): Ken Giller Yichao Rui Tara Garnett Published: On 11 May 2021, TABLE and LEAP …