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Phd: Soil and water-based spatial planning and design (NWO-KIC program RESHAPE), Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands


Advertiser's description (via WUR):

Are you keen to contribute to a resilient climate-proof and sustainable future for the Dutch sandy soil landscapes? Would you like to elaborate the vision of spatial development lead by soil suitability and water availability? Then you could be the ideal PhD candidate to join our team!

We have a unique PhD position at the intersection of two prominent research groups :The Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning cluster (LSP) and the Soil Geography & Landscape group (SGL) at Wageningen University. This is for a 4-year project that aims to develop land use planning and design principles, building on model-based representations of soil-water-land use interactions. To ensure that stakeholders embrace and adopt these principles, they should be clear and intuitive.

Currently, land-use patterns and water systems in the Netherlands are disconnected from natural patterns of water availability and soil suitability. As this system is not sustainable and not climate proof, a paradigm shift is urgently needed towards soil and water system-based spatial planning. In this project we aim to contribute to develop quantitative support for evidence-based spatial planning in sandy soil landscapes of the south and eastern Netherlands.

You will develop a spatial planning support tool that allows users to explore future landscape configurations that reconnect land-use patterns with natural patterns of water availability and soil suitability. Together with the stakeholders involved in this project, you will develop design guidelines for nature-inspired landscapes and integrate these in the spatial planning support tool.

Apply by 18th September. For more details click here.