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PhD: Governing dietary change in the European Union, Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands


Advertiser's description

We are looking for an enthusiastic PhD researcher on governing dietary change in the European Union. The EU food system is under considerable pressure for change due to its negative climate, environmental and health impacts. A food system transition will require changing the dietary habits of millions of Europeans. This PhD project will contribute to advancing the scientific basis on factors influencing dietary behaviour and the health, environmental and socio-economic impacts of dietary patterns and deliver solutions for transition through a transdisciplinary and multi-level approach. The emphasis of the PhD research lies on exploring and co-designing the policy, political and institutional changes that are needed in order to foster behavioural change.

In your position as a  PhD researcher, you will:

- analyse leverage points for food systems change;
- organise and study food policy summits across EU member states;
- organise and study a food policy summit at the EU level;
- assess the projected effectiveness of co-designed policy interventions.

Read more here. Applications are open until 29 May 2022.