Funding: Competitive Research Grant on whole-cut meat alternative products, Good Food Institute

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The Good Food Institute has launched a Request for Proposals for its Competitive Research Grant. The Good Food Institute is seeking proposals that enable progress toward whole-cut meat alternative products.

While great progress has been made with minced meat or ground meat products, little has been done to advance plant based whole cuts products which account for a huge fraction of the total value of the meat industry. Some examples of innovations of whole cut meats could include but are not limited to:

(i) Creation of scaffolding or 3D microenvironments enabling thicker cuts of structured alternative protein-based meat products.

(ii) Novel manufacturing and texturization methods for scalably.

(iii) Processes to grow, structure, or formulate mixtures of cells, proteins, fats, or other components.

(iv) Data on structure and function.

(vi) Mechanisms for encapsulating fats and integrating fatty tissues into protein-rich tissues for scalably manufacturing heterogeneous whole-cut meat products.

Phase 1 deadline: 10 March 2021. Read more here.