Webinar: Drivers of food choice in the context of changing livelihoods

ANH Academy
Event date
Event time
12:00PM GMT

This webinar is part of the series on ‘Drivers of food choice in low- and middle-income countries: a synthesis of evidence’ organised by ANH Academy. It aims to provide evidence for how livelihood change in low-and middle-income countries influences food choice behaviours that have implications for promotion of sustainable healthy diets.

This webinar will include 4 presentations:

  • Ligia I. Reyes, University of South Carolina - Changing livelihoods: Key learnings from Drivers of Food Choice Program
  • Amy Webb Girard, Emory University - Insights from Tanzania: How sedentarisation shifts diets in traditionally pastoral communities
  • Amy Ickowitz, CIFOR - Insights from Indonesia: How adoption of oil palm production affects food choices in indigenous communities
  • Stella Nordhagen, GAIN - Livelihoods as divers of food choice: insights from a study in artisanal gold mining areas of Guinea

This event will be held 13 April 2021, 12:00PM GMT. Read more here and register here.