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TABLE launch event: Should the future of food be global or local?

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14.00-15.45 CEST / 13.00-14.45 BST


We are pleased to invite you to the official launch event of our new food dialogue initiative Table.

This kick-off event will be a conversation about scale in the food system. It will centre on perhaps one of the most complex questions around food and sustainability: At what scale should the food system operate? In other words, should the future food system be more globalised or localised, and why?

We are delighted to have this conversation with two thoughtful panelists who approach this topic from different backgrounds and perspectives: Maryam Rahmanian, an international consultant on biodiversity and agroecology and co-chair of the IPES Food Expert Panel, and Prof Sir Charles Godfray, an internationally renowned expert on food security and director of the Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford.

The Table launch will offer ample opportunities for dialogue, with a Q&A session, reflections from different perspectives, as well as an informal networking session. 

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This event marks the official launch of Table and its transition from the Food Climate Research Network into a dialogue initiative led by the University of Oxford, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Wageningen University and Research.

Debates about the future of food have become more polarised and polarising than ever before. All too often, little attention is paid to why people hold genuinely different views and how these differences inform analyses both of the problems and of possible solutions. Table aims to fill this attention gap by exploring the evidence and values that people bring to debates about food, in order to facilitate more reflective, informed and constructive dialogue. We aim to highlight not only critical differences but also areas of agreement so that we can suggest paths forward.