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The Science of Alt Protein: Optimizing growth factor production for dramatic cost reductions in serum-free media with Dr. Peter Stogios

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1pm ET

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A significant hurdle to cost-parity of cultivated meat is the cost of growth factors, which are essential components of serum-free media for sustaining cell growth. Join Dr. Peter Stogios, Senior Research Associate at BioZone at the University of Toronto, who will discuss how his team lowered the cost of growth factors in serum-free media by more than 20-fold. His team engineered the recombinant production of multiple growth factor families, including TGF-beta1 and FGF-2, for inexpensive production in bacteria, and discovered new growth factors from exotic species that outperform typically used growth factors in sustaining growth of multiple cell types. The protocols and reagents from this work are freely available to the cellular agriculture community.

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