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The role of publics and deliberation at the environmental science-policy interface

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12:00 - 13:00 BST

Organiser's description (via the AGILE Initiative):

This webinar will launch a new discussion document from the Agile Initiative exploring the relationship between environmental knowledge, policy and the public. Environmental science, policy, and publics have always been entwined with one another, in a relationship that constitutes a central part of democracy. In the face of global challenges such as the climate and biodiversity crises, the production of environmental knowledge is becoming an ever more public affair. The document reviews the state of debates about public participation and deliberative processes in environmental science and policy-making and poses a set of provocations and discussion questions for researchers, funders, policy makers and practitioners about the role of publics and deliberation at the environmental science-policy interface. Register to engage with discussions on how the role of researchers, funder and policy-makers can more effectively and equitable engage relevant publics in their work.

Speakers: Molly James, Grace Wright and Dr Mark Hirons (University of Oxford), Professor Jason Chilvers (UEA) and Dr Jayne Carrick (University of Sheffield)