Presentation: The stymieing effect of unresolved ethical issues on the conservation of biodiversity

Oxford Martin School
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5pm-6pm GMT

The conservation of biodiversity is usefully understood to be the maintenance of ecosystem health and restoration of endangered species. In this presentation, Professor John Vucetich & Professor David MacDonald will examine how the two most important phrases in that definition “ecosystem health” and “endangered species” are underdetermined to the point of being increasingly problematic for advancing real-world conservation concerns. Those ideas – ecosystem health and endangered species – can be adequately understood, but only with a significant dose of ethical reasoning that is missing from the discourse.


  • Prof John Vucetich - Distinguish Professor, Michigan Technological University and Oxford Martin Visiting Fellow
  • Prof David MacDonald - Director of the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU), Oxford University

The presentation is on Wednesday 24 February, 5pm-6pm GMT. To register and watch live click here. To watch at a later date click here.