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Materiality of Nutrition - are financial markets missing the value of heathy food?

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14:30 GMT

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Join our webinar to discover insights from our latest report, which compares the healthiness of food product portfolios of 20 of the largest global food manufacturers with their profits and market valuations.

Keynote speaker: Emmanuel Faber, Chair, ISSB/IFRS 

An expert panel will discuss: 

Health & Profitability: Analysis shows that companies with broader, healthier food portfolios have higher average profit margins (15.2%) compared to those with unhealthy portfolios (13.4%). 

Investment Opportunities: In addition to the obvious benefits to society, investors could benefit from a switch to healthier foods. In a scenario where companies with unhealthy portfolios switch to healthier products and achieved similar margins, profits could rise nearly USD 350 million and valuations by USD 60 billion. 

Investment risks: Many companies fail to provide sufficient information, making it difficult for investors to assess the impact of nutrition on their valuations. 

Social and Economic Impact: Unhealthy food products reduce productivity, increase costs for employers, and impose a significant burden on society, potentially reducing GDP by 3.3% and life expectancy by three years by 2050. 

Policy and Regulation: Effective policy actions in various countries signal rising pressure for broader regulation, posing risks for companies relying on unhealthy products and the financial institutions that support them.

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