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Ensuring a One Health approach to food systems transformation

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Join us 27 June for a conversation on how to tackle the climate challenges in our food systems while also promoting public health, ecosystems protection and animal welfare.

A panel of experts, including SEI’s Cleo Verkuijl, will explore the synergies and trade-offs involved in efforts to expand food security and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture. Tune in and bring your questions.

COP28 saw an unprecedented focus on the climate impact of the food system. Over 150 governments committed to integrateagriculture and food considerations in their next Nationally Determined Contributions and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization published its first instalment of a roadmap for achieving zero hunger without breaching the 1.5°C threshold.

This heightened attention on the need to transform food systems to align with climate goals raises both new opportunities and challenges for the One Health approach, which also received endorsement from many governmentsat COP28. One Healthunderscores the need to consider the interlinkages between human, animal and environmental health to avoid unintended consequences from a single-lens focus.

For instance, some proponents argue that further intensification of animal agriculture could curb deforestation and reduce human-wildlife interactions. However, they could also introduce new riskssuch as on-farm infectious disease emergence and antimicrobial resistance.

How can such adverse trade-offs between climate action and One Health be avoided or minimized? How can co-benefits between food security, One Health, and climate action be maximized? As governments ramp up efforts to promote climate action within the food system, this webinar – hosted by SEI and the Government of the Netherlands – convenes experts from governments, academia, and civil society to discuss pathways and barriers to ensuring a comprehensive approach to food systems transformation.

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