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Exploring evidence and values
in global food systems debates

NEW Letterbox on Rewilding

TABLE Letterbox series: How will UK rewilding affect global biodiversity?

Letterbox: How will UK rewilding affect global biodiversity?

Rewilding, with its promise to bring back some wildness to landscapes, is attracting both excitement and controversy in the UK. But could rewilding in the UK simply cause more damage to biodiversity elsewhere? David Williams (University of Leeds) and Benedict Dempsey and Alec Taylor (WWF) exchange letters on the topic.

NEW Blog on Meat Reduction & Populism

Blog post Government, stay away from our meatball: How populism stops us from eating less meat

Blog: Government, stay away from our meatball: How populism stops us from eating less meat

Have you noticed how politicians who propose meat reduction policies, such as a meat tax, inspire fierce backlash on social media? Yolie Michielsen writes about how populism plays an important role in the Dutch context in a new blog.

NEW Report by Tamsin Blaxter

Newspaper image for Primed for Power report

Primed for power: a short cultural history of protein

Protein has a singularly prominent place in discussions about food. There is no denying that we need protein and that engaging with how we produce and consume it is a crucial part of our response to the environmental crises.

This new report explores the history of nutritional science and international development in the Global North with a focus on describing how protein gained its cultural meanings.


NEW The power of regenerative movements

Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin on "the power of regenerative movements"

Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin is the founder and director of the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance. He moved to the US from Guatemala in the 1990s. In our latest conversation on the Feed podcast we talk about the power of movements, why small-scale farmers in the United States are rarely successful, and the difference between ‘feeding’ the indigenous mindset versus the coloniser mindset. 

For full show notes and transcript, visit here.
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