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Will animal welfare be COP28's 

sacrificial lamb?

A new blog by Cleo Verkuijl & Jeff Sebo

Read the blog A sheep staring into the camera with a blurry landscape behind. Photo by Dan Hamill via Pexels.

Land matters:

why we need better land use decision making

A new blog by Georgie Barber

Read the blog A green valley in the UK with green trees and agricultural lands with a road running through the middle.

Setting the TABLE for COP28

Event recordings on Nitrogen, Nature-based Solutions & Government are now available

Watch the event recordings Photo looking down a dark row of corn stalks at ground level

New Podcast episode

Will you join the insect revolution?


Listen now The Feed logo on a gradient background of shades of yellow-green, green and blue-green.

Are beans the answer to everything?

New video collaboration with BBC Ideas

Watch the video here A bean hero stands on top of a globe on which the continents are made of beans

Now streaming!



New bonus episode on insects! The Meat: The Four Futures logo on a white plate on a wooden table next to a fork.

What is regenerative agriculture?

Read the new explainer Regenerative Agriculture

Agroecology, Soy,

& Food Sovereignty

Explainer Summaries now available

Read the new summaries here A marble countertop as seen from above with bowls of seeds and nutes and procuce piled on the right side.


Exploring evidence and values in global food systems debates

Learn more about TABLE Photo of a French agricultural countryside with hills, forests, lakes and farmland by Nathan Cima on Unsplash.

TABLE works with food system stakeholders to explore the future of food. We focus on the ways in which scientific evidence and social values inform often conflicting visions and arguments for necessary change. Find out more


Spotlight on:


Image from BBC Ideas video - why beans are amazing

How the humble bean can help the world

The short, animated video about beans that we created with BBC Ideas has now had over 30,000 views:

Are beans the answer to everything?

A flyer advertising the "Setting the Table for COP28” series and the event “Nitrogen, climate change and food: making the connection”. There is a photo strip of agricultural landscapes laying on a wooden table and the TABLE logo in the corner.

Recent TABLE events

We have hosted three events in the run up to COP28 on nitrogen, nature-based solutions and the role of government. Summaries and event recordings are now available.

Most recent summary and event recording > 

Image of green olives by Karl Oss Von Eeja via Pixabay

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Get involved:

A segment of a protein meaning network map

Mapping protein meanings

This work explores the meanings that have been given to protein. Interested in creating your own map?

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Yellow banner with the words 'Ferment - brewing up a better food system'

Brewing up a better food system

Ferment is our community discussion platform, where everyone is welcome to ask questions and share information and ideas.

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Pexels photo of 2 birds on a cable by Abhishek Gaurav

Other ways to get involved

From keeping up-to-date with our work to writing for us, there are lots of ways to get involved.

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